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Just Wood and Mulch LLC

We manufacture quality Mulches, Planting soils, Garden Mixes, and Custom Blends.  

About Just Wood & Mulch LLC:

Whether you’re looking for bulk quantities of mulch and soil mixes, or you are in need of a place to recycle lumber, Just Wood & Mulch LLC is here to facilitate you!

Just Wood and Mulch is located at 14121 Garrett Road. We are just off the Beltway 8 North of Highway 90 and South of West Lake Houston. 

Just Wood & Mulch LLC specializes in producing bulk quantities of a selection of mulch and soil mixes. Just Wood & Mulch LLC is also available to reprocess your unwanted tree debris, lumber, and pallets.  Just Wood & Mulch LLC is conjointly equipped to provide Roll-Off boxes for lumber pick-up, and/or assist with on-site grinding projects.  

In pursuance of meeting our obligations to customers and to the public, Just Wood & Mulch LLC does not accept treated wood, wires, metal, styrofoam, etc.,  as these materials inhibit cogent productivity. If you posses any questionable material you wish to recycle, please feel free to contact us for validation.

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